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Eight uses for lemon


I’ve found some great stuff about how the simple lemon can be used and I’ve added a few ideas of my own...

1 If you have stains on your hands from handling vegetables or fruit, rub them with a lemon to remove them.

2 Pour salt on half a cut lemon, then rub it on copper saucepans to get them clean.

3 Put lemon halves into solid aluminium pans, then boil for a few minutes to remove any black stains.

4 Rub a lemon over mildew stains to lessen them before you use other treatments.

5 To get rid of a stain on your clothes, squeeze some lemon juice on it, sprinkle with salt and then lie the garment out in the sun on some green grass on a hot, sunny day. Launder as usual and the stain will have gone.

6 Rub a cut lemon

over a wooden chopping board to disinfect it and keep it clean. 7 If you’re travelling, order some sliced lemon with your drink, then use some of the juice to rub over your hands for an on-the-go disinfecta­nt.

8 If you have light brown hair, comb lemon juice through it, then sit in the sun for a mild blonding effect.

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