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Taking antibiotic­s can increase women’s risk of an early death from heart disease because they may cause irreparabl­e damage to the lining of the gut.

A US study has found that women over 60 who use antibiotic­s on a regular basis are more likely to die earlier than those who don’t take them. This was still the case even once factors such as diet, obesity and lifestyle were taken into account.

Women who took antibiotic­s for two months or more were 27% more likely to die early from any cause, except cancer, than those who took none at all, according to the eight-year study of nearly 40,000 women. It’s thought this is because damage to the gut lining is associated with a range of illnesses, including hear t disease.

Meanwhile, people who get through at least t wo cans of soft drink a day are twice as likely to die from heart disease, according to a US study. Researcher­s found the same result s weren’t seen among people who ate sugary foods. They believe this may be because the release of sugar into the blood was slowed down by fat and protein found in the foods. However, soft drinks flood the body with sugar as they have no other ingredient­s to slow down the process.

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