New Zealand Woman’s Weekly

You will need...


Wooden candlehold­ers Test pot of Resene Bianca Resene Lusta-Glo in Steam Roller

Plastic tub

Paintbrush­es STEP 1 Paint the candlehold­ers with a basecoat of Bianca.

STEP 2 Fill the plastic tub with water high enough to dip the candlehold­ers in.

STEP 3 Dip the paintbrush into Steam Roller, then touch it to the surface of the water in the tub. Because Lusta- Glo is oil-based, the paint will disperse in the water. STEP 4 Gently dip the candlehold­ers onto the surface of the water, then into the water.

STEP 5 Turn the candlehold­ers slowly until they’re covered in the marble- like effect.

STEP 6 Bring out of the water and place on to a towel or piece of cardboard to dry overnight.

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