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My six-year-old son was eating lollies when his three-year-old sister pleaded, “Can I have some?” Reluctanly, he handed one over, but as he did, it fell to the ground! “Remember the 10-second rule,” big bro counselled. They both stood over it, counting to 10, before little sister grabbed the lolly and popped it into her mouth. Leela, Auckland


Nephew, aged four, who is very motor-minded, appeared to be taking considerab­le time to swallow his vitamin capsule. In answer to his mother’s inquiry as to whether he had swallowed it yet, he replied, “I can’t seem to get it in reverse.” Not in Gear, Christchur­ch, June 6, 1966


We had purchased a rather expensive bronze ornament. I suggested giving it a clean but my husband soon squashed that idea. “That,” he exclaimed, “is an antique, so leave the dirt so people will know it is.” Ness, Christchur­ch, September 30, 1974


My aunt went to the shops, taking her little dog Puddles with her. She tied the leash to a pole, finished her shopping, then untied the leash and set off home. She arrived to find Puddles sitting at the gate. I’d love to have seen the look on her face when she realised she had been walking a lead home. K, Lower Hutt, March 24, 1997

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