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- Kelly Bertrand, Assistant Editor

For as long as I remember,

I’ve woken up at 4am on Anzac morning. I pull on the first pair of pants I can find, dig out a woolly jumper from the back of the wardrobe and quickly pour a coffee into a thermos, ready to head to Auckland Domain alongside thousands of others, ready to pay their respects to our servicemen and women on one of the most special days of the year.

Standing shoulder to shoulder with other Kiwis, young and old, from every different background you can imagine, we are all united as we sing the national anthem and hymns, hear stories from the frontline, and watch wreaths being laid and tributes trumpeted.

As well as being a day that allows us to respect, remember and thank those who have given so much, it’s a day of nationhood for our little country as we reflect on what makes us “us”, and it’s always one of those days where I feel proudest to be a Kiwi – and lucky we get to call New Zealand home.

But for the first time, I won’t be here for Anzac Day – instead, I’ll be overseas with one of my best friends on a wee break. However, on April 25, we’ll still be waking up at 4am.

I won’t need that woolly jumper, but we’ll march down to the beach with our poppies pinned proudly on our chests, perhaps sing a song or two, and remember those that shall not grow old. I hope wherever you are in the country, or indeed the world, you’ll pause for a few moments too, to remember them.

Have a great week.

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