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Make friends at any age!


It seemed so much easier when we were kids. You got chatting to someone, said, “Hey, wanna be friends?” and it was a done deal.

But making new friends when you’re older can be much trickier. If you’re looking to expand your social circle, here are some ideas that might help:

Reconnect with old friends. Friendship­s can be neglected thanks to the demands of family and work. Look back at friendship­s you had in the past and reach out to people you’d like to spend time with again. Social media is a great way of doing that.

Join groups or organisati­ons where you’ll find people with common interests. If you’re a history buff, find out about the local historical society, or if you’d love to play tennis, look for a nearby tennis club.

Check out It lists a variety of organisati­ons, from movie fan and fiction writing clubs through to craft, outdoor activity and dog walking groups.

Find out if there are groups in your area set up to encourage friendship­s. For example, the Auckland Friendship Group organises activities such as pub quizzes, monthly lunches, group walks and visits to farmers’ markets, with the aim of encouragin­g friendship­s in a safe environmen­t.

Think about getting to know colleagues better. Sometimes it’s not possible to talk much to a workmate during the day, but if there’s someone you think you’d hit it off with, make a point of having a friendly chat when it’s appropriat­e, and then maybe suggest going for a coffee.

Don’t forget, friendship­s can take work. According to one study, it can take six to eight social interactio­ns with someone before you consider them a friend. It’s worth making an effort to suggest meeting up from time to time or even just phoning once every couple of weeks to see how they are getting on.

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