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Apr 21 – May 21 Someone is really getting on your nerves. Don’t let them spoil what is otherwise a good week. You will have an opportunit­y to express your feelings at a later date. Sporting and physical people will need to look at training schedules – you may be doing too much. Slow down for a few days.


May 22 – Jun 21

Don’t speak at a meeting until you know all the facts. Be a little cautious about giving out informatio­n regarding other people or things that are not completely under your control. There is a danger of saying the wrong thing to the wrong person. Better to keep quiet and get on with your projects.


Jun 22 – Jul 23

You will be rolling up your sleeves and really getting some work done this week. The best thing is that you will reap the rewards by the end of the week – you will impress some very important people, meet all of your deadlines and your bank account will look very healthy.


Jul 24 – Aug 23

Time to be sentimenta­l – get everyone together, talk over good times and create some new memories, especially for some of the younger people in the family. Money is very important as there is some spare cash and you need to put it to work for you. Don’t be afraid to explore unusual investment­s.


March 21 – April 20 You will be logical one day, then creative and imaginativ­e the next. People will not be sure which side of you they are getting at any one time. The problem is that you don’t know either, so you are no help whatsoever. Don’t try and change the energy, though – your head may be in the clouds, but you will soon find that you are in the enviable position of being able to dream something up and then put it into reality.


Aug 24 – Sep 23

Someone comes along with a problem they need your help with and you realise very quickly that they need some expert advice. It is better to just point them in the right direction. Don’t forget to do something fabulous just for you because it can be draining dealing with other people’s issues


Sep 24 – Oct 23

There will be some people that want to split the bill and others who want to pay their way. You will be one of the latter and it is important to speak up! When it comes to romance, however, you will not be expected to pay your own way; accept gracefully and enjoy. You can always offer to pay next time!


Oct 24 – Nov 22

There has been a tendency to look at the short term when it comes to finances and now it is time to look to the future. Lay down a plan for the next three to five years and really think about what you want to achieve. This is the time for some strong financial moves.


Nov 23 – Dec 22

Should you be an individual or follow the crowd? That is the decision you have to make this week and stick to it. Remember, if you follow the crowd, then you have to go with the majority, which might not suit you. If you play the game your way, you don’t have to share the glory with anyone else.


Dec 23 – Jan 20

There is a chance you might have to surrender to a partner or lover and do what they ask. It seems something is particular­ly important to them and you going along with them, or supporting them, is the right thing to do. Make the best of it and know that you are making them very happy.


Jan 21 – Feb 19

You will be very persuasive in getting people on board with a project or task. Make sure you explain clearly what you expect from them and what they can expect from you in return. There is a need to play devil’s advocate with a younger person so they can see what choices they have to make.


Feb 20 – Mar 20

It is a brilliant week for ideas and you need to share them. Others will be inspired by your ideas and your belief in them. Be ready to tell the world and to have a very successful response. If you are in teaching, publishing or travel, then this will be an even more exceptiona­l week.

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