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• Women who eat lots of broccoli, cauliflowe­r and Brussels sprouts are less likely to suffer strokes, according to new research. An Australian study has found that women who eat three or more daily portions of cruciferou­s vegetables – which also include kale, bok choy and cabbage – have thinner arteries than those who ate none. Thicker arteries increase the risk of blood not being able to flow easily to the brain, possibly leading to a stroke. • Obese children who lose weight by the time they turn 13 can slash their risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Previous research has found that being obese or overweight as a teenager can increase the chances of getting the disease later in life, but now a new Danish study has found that overweight kids who get down to a healthy weight by the time they enter their teens have the same risk as their peers who have never carried excess kilos.

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