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Put your celebrity knowledge to the test!


Mel Gibson was born in which US state? 2

Which Gabor sister starred in the popular TV series Green Acres? 3

Is the TV series Will & Grace set in the US or Canada? 4

How old was Marlene Dietrich when she died in 1992 – 90, 95 or 98? 5 Natasha Richardson died in 2009, who was she married too? 6

David Carradine starred in which ‘70s TV series as a Shaolin monk? 7 What year did Jeremy Irons and Anthony Andrews appear in Brideshead­Revisited? 8 What was the name of Harry Potter’s pet owl? 9

Ross had a pet called Marcel in the hit US TV series Friends – what kind of animal was it? 10

The late Carrie Fisher had a dog called Gary, which she took everywhere with her. What breed of dog is he?

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