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T V trailblaze­r Luc y

“The Many Faces of Lucille Ball” (16.04.18) brought back memories of that lovable redhead. I smiled to read the conflic ting advice of her mantra: “The secret of staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly and lie about your age.” Your article took us back to a time when the CBS net work disapprove­d of showing pregnant women on T V, so good on Lucille for getting her own way! The fact that they insisted on referring to her as “expecting” rather than pregnant shows how much times have changed! Luc y survived hard times – a ver y tempestuou­s marriage to Desi Arnaz and eventually its sad breakdown. Through it all, she made us laugh with her antics. She so deserved the s tanding ovation she got at the Academy Awards. It is to be hoped that Cate Blanchett will do justice to Lucille in LucyandDes­i. D Davidson, Auckland The writer of the winning letter receives $100. The other letter wins a copy of The Paris Seamstress by Natasha Lester (Hachette, RRP $34.99), which follows a young female fashion designer who escapes war-ravaged Europe to make her mark in the US.

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