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Simon Cowell might be one of the most recognisab­le faces when it comes to TV talent show judges, but now David Walliams is giving him a run for his money.

For the past two years, the comedian has been voted best TV judge at Britain’s National Television Awards.

“Simon is very competitiv­e, so it was nice to beat him,” laughs David (46). “I think we were both beaten by Mary Berry a couple of years ago, but I think it gets to Simon because he’s a very competitiv­e person. Anything that makes him unhappy, makes me happy!”

David is back at the judging table again for a new season of Britain’s Got Talent with Simon, Amanda Holden and Alesha Dixon.

As a man who started his career in comedy, David is always on the lookout for the next future funnyman.

“There was one man who came on who, because of his disability, is unable to speak, which you might think would be tough for a stand-up comic,” explains David. “But he has a pre-programmed computer, which provides the words. He had a really witty routine and it was something I have never seen before.”

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