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Our newly born prince has his Sun in Taurus and his Moon in Leo. This brings tremendous wealth into his life, which of course he has been born into. However, that will not be enough for this prince – he will need to create his own wealth and it will not be for the sake of money, but for the sake of achievemen­t.

He has Scorpio aspects, which can sometimes complicate finances and this may well be reflected when he is older. He will be involved in setting up trusts, charities and projects – a trait inherited from his grandfathe­r, Prince Charles. He also has a penchant for “extreme” business ventures and will be exceedingl­y entreprene­urial.

The prince will want to succeed on his own. Do not be surprised if he follows in the footsteps of other royals who have created their own careers on their terms, although he will prefer to be self-employed rather than work for an organisati­on.

As a child, he will love his sleep. He will become fractious if he does not get to bed on time, with his favourite toy and his comfortabl­e pyjamas.

He will respond to routine, which is a good thing being a member of the royal family. The prince will not be a fussy eater. In fact, this little one is more than happy to try whatever is presented to him – there will be very few things he will dislike.

He and Charlotte have the same sign and will understand each other completely. That does not mean there won’t be spats and squabbles, as there are with all children. Certainly, as they get older they will be “brother and sister-in-arms”.

He will adore his older brother George, looking up to him and have very high expectatio­ns of him. There is a great deal of loyalty here, which will become especially apparent in the future when George becomes king.

The prince has the same rising sign as his father’s sun sign – and this will make for an extremely strong bond between father and son. Prince William has a great deal in common with this child, especially as this son moves into his teenage years.

This child has some strong earth energies in his chart to give him empathy with people, especially his family. He will bring a great deal of love and comfort to them when needed.

It should be noted that he is born on St George’s Day, the patron saint of England, and this is a good omen for his future. He is certainly “England’s son”, and this will create a strong connection between him and the public.

Born at 11.01am, many of you know that the number 11 is interestin­g. We often note the time of 11.11 or 11.00 or 10.11 – this time stamp that has an 11 shows that this child is going to be someone to be aware of and to take notice of. This prince will not walk quietly through this world, but will make a mark in his own right in a positive way.

He will be accommodat­ing, polite and adhere to rules most times. Once in a while, this young man will let the world know exactly what he is thinking and what he is going to do. Action always follows his words.

There is also the fact he has been born in a blue moon phase of 28 days. The full moon on April 1, with another full moon on April 28, brings some special blessings. He truly is a “once in a blue moon” baby. He has some strong omens appearing at his birth, which will afford him a good future. He will be a strong, independen­t and, at times, polarising man. He will be much loved and revered.

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