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Nov 23 – Dec 22

What will start off as a dif­fi­cult week turns around by Wed­nes­day. If you own a busi­ness or are look­ing to fur­ther your ca­reer, then look abroad – don’t re­strict your­self. If you are a cre­ative of some kind, make sure your dig­i­tal pres­ence is avail­able to the wider world. You will be de­lighted at the re­sponse.


Dec 23 – Jan 20 A busi­ness or plea­sure trip is put on hold and this ac­tu­ally works out bet­ter for you. A friend is ob­vi­ously un­happy but doesn’t want to talk and you might feel at a loss as to how to han­dle it. Take her out for cof­fee. If she still doesn’t want to talk, at least you tried and she knows that you are there for her.


Jan 21 – Feb 19 So­cial­is­ing isn’t your favourite thing this week – even over the week­end you’ll want to keep to your­self. That’s okay; go and read a book, watch that TV se­ries you recorded or sim­ply snooze the day away. Oth­ers have plans, but they just don’t thrill you. In­vite them to a BBQ later to catch up.


Feb 20 – Mar 20

You may be con­sid­er­ing mov­ing house. If this is the case, now is a great time to do so. This is a time when any project you are un­der­tak­ing goes well. You are ex­cel­lent at break­ing ev­ery­thing down and are the master of know­ing what tasks to del­e­gate. Be aware you can ne­go­ti­ate a bit harder, though.


Oct 24 – Nov 22 Char­ity is an im­por­tant part of your life. Be­ing char­i­ta­ble is some­thing that comes nat­u­rally as you have em­pa­thy and sym­pa­thy for those in difficulty. You will find your­self able to help some­one out at a grass­roots level. It’s a feel-good few days where you will make a dif­fer­ence in some­one’s life and that’s the most won­der­ful thing some­one can do for an­other.


Mar 21 – Apr 20

Ev­ery­one wants to know your news. It seems as if this is about a baby be­ing born or the an­nounce­ment that one is on the way – if not a baby, then some kind of project or venture that you are start­ing; “your baby”. A busi­ness part­ner or work col­league is not help­ful and a few words will need to be said.


Apr 21 – May 21

This has the po­ten­tial to be one of the best weeks ever. Each day you step out the door, ev­ery­thing falls into place. You don’t even have to pon­der what needs to be done; it just gets done. Your health and well­be­ing are also par­tic­u­larly good right now – ride this very en­er­getic and pos­i­tive wave.


May 22 – Jun 21 Re­unions are in the air, par­tic­u­larly for lovers. If it is a love re­turn­ing from the past, don’t com­mit your­self right away; time will tell if they’ve truly changed as they say they have. It’s a week of change in gen­eral, so be pre­pared for sur­prises. You’ll con­grat­u­late a young per­son on an achieve­ment.


Jun 22 – Jul 23

It feels as if your plans have stalled. There is a good rea­son and it’s called com­mu­ni­ca­tion. Peo­ple around you don’t know what to do next or what you ex­pect from them. State the goals for the week and you’ll find ev­ery­one get­ting on with it. This could be to do with or­gan­is­ing some kind of event or party.


Jul 24 – Aug 23 A part­ner or house­mate is in a bad mood and there is noth­ing to do ex­cept ig­nore them. If you live with them, go on holiday or stay with a friend. You will also have to take up some ex­tra slack at work, but are happy to do so as it means ex­tra cash in your pocket and brownie points with the boss.


Aug 24 – Sep 23

Are you wor­ried about money? Don’t be; if you need to catch up on the bud­get it will hap­pen this week and you will have ex­tra cash by the week­end. If you love eBay and Trade Me, there are bar­gains to be had and money to be made. This is a great time for com­merce – buy­ing, sell­ing and ex­chang­ing.


Sep 24 – Oct 23

You are go­ing to be very im­pres­sive this week. You will do ev­ery­thing right and it will be beyond any­one’s ex­pec­ta­tions no mat­ter what it is. There’s noth­ing like suc­cess to boost con­fi­dence, and that in­creases your en­ergy and mo­ti­vates you to strive harder. Your health is also ex­cel­lent right now.

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