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Next time you make scram­bled eggs, don’t throw those eggshells out. Here are some tips for reusing them:

• Crush finely and scat­ter around your seedlings and plants to keep snails and slugs away. They hate the sharp sur­faces of the shells.

• Add an eggshell to your cof­fee grounds to make your cof­fee less bit­ter.

• Use half an eggshell as a biodegrad­able seedling con­tainer. Place seed-rais­ing mix in the half shell, plant a seed in it and place it back in the egg car­ton. When the seeds have sprouted, you can plant the whole lot in the gar­den.

• If you have chick­ens, feed them the eggshells to in­crease their cal­cium in­take. Wash the eggshells and let them dry, then put them in a 100oC oven for two hours to dry out. When cool, whiz them in your food pro­ces­sor un­til fine. Of­fer them to your hens.

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