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Pro­tein needs vary from per­son to per­son – here’s a guide to help

you work out yours…

“The World Health Or­gan­i­sa­tion has set the RDA for pro­tein at a min­i­mum of 0.8g per kg body

weight per day,” says Kim. “How­ever, some stud­ies sug­gest

that a higher pro­tein in­take – be­tween 1-1.2g per kg per day for women – is bet­ter if you want to

main­tain mus­cle mass. It’s im­por­tant to note that this is based on your ideal weight, so you should work out your pro­tein in­take based on a healthy weight for your height,

not an over­weight weight.”

For weight loss, Kim rec­om­mends 1.2g pro­tein per kg body weight per

day based on your ideal body weight. So if your op­ti­mal weight is 60kg the sum would be 60 x 1.2 = 72g pro­tein a day. If you work out reg­u­larly, es­pe­cially if you do a lot of re­sis­tance train­ing, you could in­crease your pro­tein in­take to be­tween 1.2 and 1.7g per kg

of body weight.

If you eat more pro­tein than your body needs, it will be pro­cessed by your kid­neys and flushed out in your urine. “If you’re healthy you don’t need to worry about eat­ing too much pro­tein,” says Kim. “But if you have kid­ney prob­lems it’s best not to go over the rec­om­mended limit per day as your kid­neys might

strug­gle to cope.”

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