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Unique ways to give at Christmas


OPINION: Let’s be real – we’re all very aware of the increasing prices right now and everyone’s looking for ways to make the most with the money we have. With Christmas just around the corner, now is a good time to rethink how we want to celebrate with others without starting the new year off out of pocket. Here’s a few thoughts to help make the most of the season.

Swap the token present for a personalis­ed moment

Whether it’s a gift for a colleague, neighbour or your child’s teacher, we can all feel the pressure to just buy something token for them. Instead of a gimmicky gift or something destined for the bin, consider something more personalis­ed. You’ll be amazed how much more significan­t a handwritte­n card or handmade gift can be. If you’ve got kids, get them involved by customisin­g the card or wrapping paper with their artwork.

Wants v needs

You might know what your friends and whā nau want this year, but do you know what they need? Gift cards and vouchers can get a hard rap for not being personal, but when you know it’s going to help ease the burden and bring a little more peace to the household, isn’t that worth it? Couple this with a personal touch, and they’ll love how much thought and care you’ve put into it.

A helping hand

It’s also worth considerin­g how this person feels valued – showing your appreciati­on might be best achieved through an act of service rather than a gift. Something as simple as cleaning their car or weeding their garden can go a long way and may be more significan­t for them.

Swap spending money for spending time together

We know the end of the year can get busy as we try to squeeze out the last few moments before summer. Before the calendar starts filling up, consider who you want to spend time with over the Christmas season. Take time now to lock in time for a picnic, a Christmas movie night or a beach day with them closer to Christmas. Intentiona­lly setting time aside can be so appreciate­d without your wallet taking a hit.

Combine your efforts to help your community

With the need being pretty significan­t across so many households in Aotearoa, now could be a great time to have a chat with your team or friends about changing up your gift swap. The cost of buying something, even if small, for everyone can mount up pretty quickly, but having everyone chip in to donate to an organisati­on can go a long way for families in need.

One of the ways you can do this is by donating to Christmas Box at christmasb­ For only $40 you can feed a family in need for a whole week, proving that a little help does go a long way. However you choose to celebrate, it’s a little thought now that makes for an intentiona­lly great Christmas without having to spend a lot of money. ■ This article was commission­ed in response to a commercial partnershi­p. We have produced it independen­tly, to the same standards applied to the rest of our journalism.

 ?? ?? For a $40 donation to Christmas Box you can feed a family in need for a whole week.
For a $40 donation to Christmas Box you can feed a family in need for a whole week.

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