North Taranaki Midweek

The Top 10


1. Which Wellington suburb has the same name as the mystical island King Arthur was taken to after his last battle?

2. Napoleon derisively referred to the English as ‘a nation of . . . ‘

3. Bertie Wooster and his manservant Jeeves were created by which writer?

4. What does HSBC stand for?

5. In Monopoly, what colour is the Strand property?

6. Who played drums with Nirvana and went on to create The Foo Fighters?

7. An ell was a archaic measure of about 45 inches, used mainly for measuring what?

8. Who played Inspector Morse on TV from 1987 to 2000?

9. Name either of the two letters that are not used by any element in the Periodic Table.

10. What are grissini?

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