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App tracks employee mental well- being


Chnnl (pron. channel) is an app which anonymousl­y tracks employee mental wellbeing and is helping healthcare providers provide psychologi­cal support for the mental wellbeing of their staff during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Chnnl’s founder, Dr Elizabeth Berryman (pictured), says organisati­ons use the app to better understand how staff are coping during these difficult times. “It helps employers understand worker sentiment so they can make changes to improve mental wellness and reduce anxiety.”

Employees complete a short check-in each day to evaluate their mental wellbeing. Covid-19-specific questions have been added to track employee sentiment on the virus.

Each month organisati­ons receive consolidat­ed and anonymous reports about the overall sentiment from their teams. Alongside this data, there’s advice on how to address employee concerns and grow overall well-being.

For employees, chnnl provides a gateway to resources called boosters through a ‘Wellbeing Hub’. These boosters include counsellin­g and psychologi­cal support, Facebook support groups, specific Covid-19 support and counsellin­g options, and a wide range of well-being content.

Berryman says the app helps organisati­ons shift their company culture, so employees feel equipped with the tools to report an issue, and confident that it will be dealt with appropriat­ely.

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