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When I first heard about the trial Per­pet­ual Guardian planned to un­der­take to of­fer its em­ploy­ees the op­por­tu­nity to work for four days a week while be­ing paid for five, I was hugely in­ter­ested and ex­cited at such a bold move. Fi­nally, I thought, the New World Or­der is com­ing and won­dered, if other com­pa­nies fol­lowed suit, could it mean that New Zealand Inc could again lead the world in a so­cial ex­per­i­ment? Couldn't we be­come a leader in of­fer­ing work­ers a much greater work-life bal­ance?

I was prob­a­bly a bit naïve, noth­ing is ever as sim­ple as it seems, and while An­drew Barnes and his team at Per­pet­ual are cer­tainly giv­ing their bold trial a good go (and I do hope they suc­ceed), it is likely to be some time be­fore we see wide­spread adop­tion of such a brave move.

And it is brave. It will, I am sure, change the lives of the com­pany's staff in so many ways and, should it con­tinue, it will cer­tainly put the com­pany at the very top of most job seek­ers pre­ferred places to work. In our story on page 6 we look at how the trial is pan­ning out so far, the type of pro­duc­tiv­ity gains the busi­ness is hop­ing to make and how such a rad­i­cal move needs to be sus­tain­able both for the busi­ness it­self and for the work­ers.

This is­sue we also look into ways or­gan­i­sa­tions and lead­ers could bet­ter sup­port their in­creas­ingly mo­bile in­ter­na­tional work­force and their fam­i­lies (page 4) and how new pri­vacy leg­is­la­tion in Aus­tralia may im­pact on busi­nesses here with in­for­ma­tion on Aus­tralian cus­tomers (page 14). Our pub­lisher Cathy Parker also gives a run down on a course she un­der­took for new or as­pir­ing di­rec­tors on page 10.

Now, back to work­ing out how I can take my work week from five days to four. How can I be more pro­duc­tive? (No more tak­ing a break to play Code Cracker might help.)

Have a good month.

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