Nic's 5 nuggets


• If you have a dis­tri­bu­tion model like us, do your home­work and en­sure you’re match­ing your­self with like- minded peo­ple. The cul­ture’s got to fit. You can’t sell a prod­uct with­out the right peo­ple.

• Utilise NZTE’s in- mar­ket re­search to help you

find the right per­son.

• Be f lex­i­ble in your strat­egy so you can take up

op­por­tu­ni­ties when they arise.

• Get in front of your cus­tomers. Our sales team are

out ev­ery two to three months meet­ing dis­tributers.

• Use your net­work for get­ting on- the- ground intelligence. We’re such a small com­mu­nity in the New Zealand food space, so share rec­om­men­da­tions and utilise your con­tacts.

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