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Garry Fis­senden, the chief ex­ec­u­tive of Skills Group, says we live in ex­cit­ing times, but no mat­ter what changes lie ahead in 2019 busi­ness needs to re­mem­ber it’s still about deal­ing with peo­ple.

He says our so­ci­ety has moved into a time where no one knows the an­swers any­more.

We don’t know the an­swers so hav­ing a sci­en­tific mind­set is key. “You have a hy­poth­e­sis, you test that hy­poth­e­sis, try ex­per­i­ments and then go.”

He also pointed to­wards the new skills man­agers will need in at a time when plan­ning is no longer done for the long term as tech­no­log­i­cal change means no one can pre­dict what is ahead.

This means a fo­cus on peo­ple ca­pa­bil­ity and the dif­fer­ent ways busi­ness can build and at­tract ca­pa­bil­ity and help them learn.

While there are huge changes hap­pen­ing now such as AI and big data, Fis­senden says that through­out his­tory “there are al­ways predictions peo­ple will lose their jobs to new tech­nol­ogy, but never hap­pens, new roles emerge and we adapt.

“The se­cret to suc­cess is in de­vel­op­ing an en­quir­ing mind and re­mem­ber­ing you con­sis­tently have to deal with peo­ple.

“There are now four gen­er­a­tions in the work­place and it’s about un­der­stand­ing how to man­age, mo­ti­vate and grow them all.

“It still comes back to at­tract­ing and man­ag­ing and de­vel­op­ing the tal­ent and al­low­ing them to grow. And un­der­stand­ing how they can do the job with a sense of pur­pose.”

He says mil­len­ni­als do not col­lect pos­ses­sions, they col­lect ex­pe­ri­ences and busi­ness needs to plan how to at­tract, de­velop and re­tain these peo­ple.

With em­ploy­ment high at­tract­ing and re­tain­ing staff is go­ing to get harder and harder and busi­ness needs to plan around this for the fu­ture. it

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