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In 2014, having recently acquired NZ Classic Driver from the previous publisher, RnR Publishing – headed by my friend Bruce Mountain along with his partner, Robyn Dallimore – approached me with a proposal to take over editorship of the magazine. I gave the idea much thought but, in the end, I declined the invitation. However, grappling with a lack of copy for their new acquisitio­n, I gave Bruce and Robyn a feature I’d written about a Lotus Europa S that I’d never got around to publishing (by an odd coincidenc­e, the light blue Europa S featured in that article was, seven years later, purchased by another friend, classic car upholstery expert, Steve Whitren).

That should have been it as far as my involvemen­t with NZ Classic Driver went but, as they say, nothing remains the same and everything changes.

As a result, when Bruce and Robyn approached me again in early 2016 my situation had changed and, following considerab­le thought, I agreed to take over from the magazine’s previous editor, Tony Haycock, as from the March/April 2016 edition.

After several years working alongside Bruce and Robyn, they decided to sell NZ Classic Driver and from the January/ February 2020 edition the current publisher took over the reins while I retained the editor’s position. Surprising­ly, although my time with NZ Classic Driver has been relatively short – just five years of the magazine’s 19-year life – I’ve now edited over a third of the issues.

As NZ Classic Driver celebrates its 100th edition, I made another decision – to momentaril­y stand aside and let the magazine’s founder and original editor, Allan Dick, introduce our special anniversar­y edition – allowing this Allan to give way to that Allan!

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