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I have been reading with great interest the articles about NZ’s saloon racing scene, especially the article by Steve Holmes on the Sidchrome Mustang ( NZ Classic Driver, May/June 2021). I was only a young teen during the early 1970s when the big-block American cars raced the great Escort-sized cars, so I was really only on the periphery. Now of course I can’t get enough of them.

I have two questions – were there any books written about that time from the mid-1960s through to the end (either about drivers or about the racing scene)? If so, what were the titles (so I can look for them in book stores or online)?

I am also very interested in any/all motor books, especially of New Zealand drivers or mechanics, raconteurs, etc. Amongst many books I have the three books by Allan Scott, books of the three NZ F1 drivers (Amon, McLaren and Hulme) and will be buying the Fred Opert Story and the Starkey book on the TWR Jaguars, but is there a list of what New Zealand-themed books have been written and any other details such as to who wrote them, when published etc.? Maybe someone has compiled such a list.

I have many books and car magazines to still catch up on and read (hence why I have only just read the Holmes feature) but I am keen to add to my collection.

Any assistance would be welcome and gratefully received.

Brendan Mulholland, via email

I’m not aware of any lists of NZ-related motorsport books but if any reader has compiled such a listing why not share it with our readers? In the meantime, a few good places to start would be Octane Books for new books (www.octanebook­ and Hard To Find Books ( for secondhand books, while a visit to the Bruce McLaren Trust at Hampton Downs will give you a chance to browse through their library. AGW

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