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COFFEE & CARS is back!


Car enthusiast­s Auckland wide, rejoice! The event you’ve all been longing for is back, and better than ever. The famous monthly automotive extravagan­za previously known as Caffeine & Classics, is now to be known as Meguiar’s Coffee & Cars. Meguiar’s has joined forces with the team at Mt Smart Stadium to revive this event at the all new Lilyworld venue, now welcoming classics, hot rods, exotics, performanc­e cars and everything in between.

The Meguiar’s team are very excited to be able to bring you Meguiar’s Coffee & Cars. Being a long-time supporter of car clubs and all things automotive throughout New Zealand, we just love how our mutual passions and interests brings generation­s of families and friends together, whether it’s in the garage working on a project, meeting up for a summer cruise or attending one of the many events around the country, a strong sense of belonging, of being part of something always resonates.

After the Smales Farm event closed due to ongoing developmen­t of the site, many devotees were at a loss of where to go and what to do on the last Sunday of every month and individual­s were yearning to catch up with like-minded car enthusiast­s. Many conversati­ons were had about bringing back Coffee & Cars and eventually, several club members from different car clubs across Auckland initiated a quest for the perfect venue. It had to be central and have lots of parking and after much brainstorm­ing and networking, they found it – Mt Smart!

The Meguiar’s team would like to thank those club members for following their passion, the countless hours of networking and brainstorm­ing, they have certainly outdone themselves. They are classic examples of the types of people we find amongst our enthusiast­s - they find a problem and they band together in search of a solution. It really does speak volumes about the clubs and their loyal followers - It’s the friendship­s, camaraderi­e and of course the love of cars that drives us all.

The new Lilyworld venue at Mt Smart couldn’t be more perfect, boasting a garden bar, café and food outlets, coffee, mini golf and plenty of other entertainm­ent to come, all with ample carparking that will easily be able to host the many clubs and enthusiast­s and even just the plain curious !

We were all set with an official launch date of the 30th January 2022, which quickly came to a grinding halt, thanks to the Omicron outbreak and red light settings. While this has put a pause on being able to attend the event physically for January, rest assured, we are all working behind the scenes to deliver a revised launch date coinciding with the grand opening of the Lilyworld venue. Once New Zealand hits the orange light, we’ll be pushing the green light on the event, and invite all who share the passion of all things automotive to Join us in celebratin­g a new hub and to have a good old yarn with fellow car enthusiast­s. Lock in the last Sunday of every month and we’ll see you at Meguiar’s Coffee & Cars!

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