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To keep things simple MST have four ‘specificat­ions’ for their MkI or MkII. However, if you have the money you can pretty much have whatever you like – although for that you’d need to start with at least £69,500 ($137,610).

The guidelines for the MST cars are as follows:


Based on the 1960s/’70s classic with a modern twist – ideal for touring or a quick blast down the lanes – here’s a brand-new, road registered MkI or MkII.

New bodyshell hand-built in the UK, built to ‘TYPE

49’ specificat­ion. Includes all basic body and chassisstr­engthening features. Stamped withDV LA registered VIN/ chassis number. Flared or bubble arches. Minilite 13-inch wheels. Alloy in-boot, lightweigh­t fuel tank. State-of-the-art electrical system including electronic­ally controlled power steering. 2.5L Ford Duratec engine as standard. 150kW+, fivespeed H-pattern gearbox. ATR throttle bodies. Lightweigh­t flywheel and heavy-duty clutch. Simpson stainless steel race manifold and system. Billet alloy lightweigh­t wet sump. Hand-made alloy radiator. Front suspension: Bilstein dampers, adjustable height 2.25-inch coil-over suspension, AP Racing four-pot alloy calipers. Rear: Bilstein dampers, anti-tramp bars, uprated leaf springs, single piston calipers. Adjustable front-to-rear bias pedal box. The car can be painted in any colour. The interior can be fully trimmed for touring or a minimal lightweigh­t version with various seat options available from classic bucket seats to recliners to FIA race seats. Three-point seat belt or FIA six-point harness. Various three-spoke steering wheels, leather or suede.

That’s the lowest spec, and I am already salivating!


Based on the original Group-4 rally cars, this version is for high-performanc­e driving both on the road and track. In addition to Stage 1 specs, you can have:

2.0L Ford BDG Engine 270kW+ or a 2.5L Millington Diamond Engine, 223kW+. Five or six-speed H-pattern close ratio gearbox. Atlas axle with LSD. Optional upgrades include a six-speed sequential gearbox, lever, or paddle shift. Minilite 8×13 or 8x15 wheels. Bubble (MkI) or tarmac arches (MkII). Fully welded in roll-cage. Front suspension: Bilstein Group-4 coil-overs, modular fully adjustable suspension. Rear: Bilstein Group-4 coil-overs, six-linked fully adjustable live axle, lightweigh­t alloy hubs. Optional Rieger 3/4-way adjustable dampers.

For all the above you’ll need $85,000 ($168,300). Ready for Stage 3?


Built to the highest standards – to either modern MSA or historic FIA regulation­s. Available for a wide range of events – tarmac, gravel, historic or safari. Further to MST’s Stage 2:

2.5L Ford Duratec Rally spec Engine 186kW+. Simpson full stainless exhaust system. Dry sump system, lightweigh­t motorsport fuel systems. Life Racing ECU, various pre-set maps, optional traction control, launch control, data logging power distributi­on unit with motorsport wiring harness. Six-speed sequential gearbox, lever, or paddle shift or Historic legal ZF gearbox. ‘Group-4’ rally specificat­ion, fully welded in roll-cage. Fully strengthen­ed, rear axle, six linked and turreted. Front suspension: Bilstein Group-4 coil-overs, modular fully adjustable. Rear: Bilstein Group-4 coil-overs, six-linked fully adjustable live axle. Hydraulic handbrake; spot lamps; rally mudflaps; sump guards. FIA-approved race seats and six-point harness. Power steering. Alloy Minilite 8×13 / 9x13 / 8x15 / 9x15 wheels.

Stage 3 prices start at $95,000 ($188,100).


246kW+ Millington 2.5L or 260kW+ 2.7L Millington Diamond with Simpson stainless steel race manifold and dry sump oil system. Paddle shift/flat shift gear changes. Launch control/ traction control options on Tractive six-speed sequential gearbox. Motorsport electrical systems. Motorsport driver display and instrument, various pre-set maps, data logging. Modern power distributi­on unit with motorsport wiring. WRC spec long suspension travel bodyshell. Lightweigh­t carbon fibre panels. Turreted, large wheel tubs, with welded in roll-cage. Six-linked fully adjustable, fully floating Atlas axle, LSD. Rieger WRC spec suspension for tarmac or gravel four-way adjustable coil-overs. WRC type floor mounted bias pedal box. Front and rear WRC spec AP Racing four-pot alloy calipers. Minilite style 8×15 / 9×15 wheels; alloy hubs. Adjustable steering column with quick release boss.

Stage 4 is a ‘money’s no object’ specificat­ion – so money should be no object!

I don’t need a rally weapon, but the idea of a car with a civilised interior that is likely to be as fast or faster than anything else on the road A to B, and which connects with the past so readily is very appealing.

Would I want a thoroughly modern engine or something that is more closely linked to a ‘70s car? I like the idea of a sequential change, but not at the expense of the ‘70s sound experience.

All these decisions are just too hard so it’s probably a good job that I can’t afford any of them – but you might be able to.

MkI and II panel, which of course you can buy individual­ly for your own restoratio­n project, or if you roll your Escort into a ball of scrap. These panels, made on their own tools, can be fully built up using the latest welding techniques and a millimetre-perfect jig into a whole shell. This led to MST sourcing and developing every single part that goes into a profession­al modern Escort competitio­n car, such as harnesses, electronic­s, and safety equipment. You can make the operation of your car as modern as you like with state-ofthe-art electronic­s hidden under that classic skin.

If Father Christmas came along and said, you can have any Escort, any specificat­ion to suit your budget (which will be big), brand new, stronger than strong, more powerful than they ever were (if that’s what you want), built to any set of regulation­s you might wish to compete under, you’d look at him askance and say – “I don’t believe you”. But you can.

As MST manufactur­es so much for the original MkI and MkII, they have now decided to put everything together in a fully built-up and finished car especially for you. Properly welded and fully equipped with forest arches. New shells beautifull­y finished and road registered, brand new, all of it as radical or as civilised as you like.

Do you remember further back into your childhood when you went to the Lego box and turned it upside down on the floor with delight and decided what you would build? That’s what it is like opening the MST catalogue.

To remain competitiv­e the MST MkI and MkII have gone far beyond the BDA-powered cars of the past.

 ?? ?? FROM TOP: MkII at speed; MkII engine bay; MST MkI strikes a pose.
FROM TOP: MkII at speed; MkII engine bay; MST MkI strikes a pose.
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