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Mike had wanted an MGTC since he was a teenager and in 2018 he acquired a 1949 MGTC that had been stored for around 30 years in car collection­s in South Africa and Auckland. During its time in New Zealand the MG had never been registered and with the mileage on this car being incredibly low, he decided that its destiny included not being put back on the road in order to preserve its integrity. Mike’s partner was not happy with that decisions as she was keen to use the car and join the MG Car Club.

Having worked on MGBs, MG Midgets and Austin-Healeys while serving his apprentice­ship with Seabrook Fowlds, Mike knew that MGBs were special cars and he’d always really liked them. With that in mind, in 2020 he finally gave in to his wife’s desire to own and actually enjoy driving an MG and he began looking for an MGB roadster. By preference, he wanted a car that was in original, unrestored condition. Mike’s search eventually led him to this 1977 rubber bumper MGB, advertised for sale in St Heliers.

Following a thorough check-over, he decided that it fitted his criteria. The MG had been repainted four of five years before and the body looked sound. The overall condition of the car appeared to confirm that its recorded mileage of 73,000 was genuine while the original black and orange upholstery, covered by sheepskins, was still in excellent condition as was the folding roof and carpets. Mechanical­ly the MG was in top condition and with new tyres it passed Mike’s road-test with flying colours.

“Sure – it’s not a chrome bumper model,” said Mike, “but I’m really happy with it.”

Since buying the MGB, Mike has been in touch with a previous owner with a view to establishi­ng more of the car’s history. However, he wasn’t able to help. He’d only owned the car for two years but had really looked after it, having it regularly serviced and keeping it up to scratch.

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