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Since our last edition it seems to have been raining almost continuous­ly so I’ve been largely housebound. And, while my Lotus has been snuggling down in the garage, the builders have been busy at work installing bookshelve­s so that, after two years hidden from view within a stack of boxes, I was finally able to unpack all my books and automobili­a. At the moment, it’s all a bit untidy (my friend Ashley wouldn’t approve) as I’ve still got to re-arrange stuff into some kind of order.

One of the biggest tasks was sifting through hundreds and hundreds of old motoring magazines – I really don’t know where they all came from! However, it was plain that it was well past time to make a major cull to weed out any multiple copies and also to make a few tough decisions about what to hang onto and what to bung out. I’m retaining my runs of local motoring magazines such as that “other” classic car publicatio­n and, of course, Classic Driver and Motor Man – the rest just have to go.

I’ve already found new homes for several hundred magazines, but I still have a load in need of new owners. So, if any readers feel the need to grab 100+ copies of Motor Sport (mostly from the ‘80s, but some from the ‘70s and ‘90s), or early copies of Thoroughbr­ed & Classic Cars, this is your chance.

I’m not looking to sell these magazines – they’re free to fellow enthusiast­s. Interested parties will have to pick the magazines up from Te Aroha (they’re way too heavy to consign to the postal service) – and if no one wants them, sadly they’ll all be heading off to the nearest recycling station.

If you’re interested contact me at: editor@classicdri­

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