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HAMILTON, 17 - 19 MAR CH 20 23


W e all need a car show rush from time to time; they fuel the passion inside each one of us and sends the adrenalin to our hands to work faster and get that car on the road or ready for the next rally or club day. You get to be with likeminded people talking the same language and appreciati­ng what someone has put together. Car shows inspire us. Sometimes it’s nice to look at other car types to compare notes on how others have done some finishing work on their car or discover a colour that would look good on your car; it may not be a traditiona­l classic car hue but neverthele­ss, it would look good on yours! The trouble is, you need to attend a number of shows to get exposed to a wide cross section of ideas, tips and tricks. One of which could be the missing piece that completes your puzzle. Going to a variety of shows takes time though and you need to be in the garage working on the car not travelling to different car shows every second weekend looking for inspiratio­n. It would be so cool to go to a car show and have classics, exotics, maybe some hot rods and muscle cars on display in the one place. Imagine all that under one roof! And you only need to invest one weekend to do it. That’s what the team at Autorama 2023 is doing. Inviting classic car owners and the other car genre owners to participat­e in a car and industry show next March in Hamilton. The venue is the Mystery Events Centre; 1718-19 March, 2023. They’re also getting the businesses that provided the parts and hands on expertise that got those cars on the road to attend as well. There will be the opportunit­y to talk face to face with those experts and suppliers to get ideas and parts for your project. There is a Pro-Builders section at the show where profession­al car restorers and constructo­rs get to showcase their talents. From the front of a car to the back, these artisans show us how it is done. The cars are important and when combined with the human connection­s with other car people and business owners at a show, we get the fuel to feed the inspiratio­n and motivation. Autorama 2023 is calling for interested car owners to register their cars for the show next March. The team are looking for the right quality and range of cars to demonstrat­e just how great and diverse the car scene is. There are prizes up for grabs and currently there is $20k of value in the prize pool for the cars on display. That total value is quietly creeping upwards as the business sector and sponsors add more prizes to the pool. Accepted entrants can enter their cars into a judged or nonjudged category of the show. The show has space for over 100 cars indoors and there is plenty of outdoor area to allow for more cars. The Autorama team are encouragin­g car clubs to participat­e by setting up club displays or get your club together for a run to the show; contact the team to talk about your plans. VIP parking can be set up for you. If you or a friend has a cool classic, exotic, performanc­e or other type of car that is good display material, get in touch with the Autorama team and get an applicatio­n to enter the car. Go to www.autoramaca­ for a Registrati­on form. Businesses that may want to participat­e at the show as an exhibitor can also download an Exhibitor and Sponsor Pack from the same web site. Send us your ideas about what makes a great car show or find out more about the industry and car show by contacting: The Autorama 2023 team look forward to seeing you there.

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