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Freshly cut flow­ers car­ried: GAP Pho­tos

Pgs 2/3 Open­ing DPS Blue & white bor­der: J S SIRA/GAP Pho­tos Pg 4 Con­tents Blue bou­quet car­ried: Adobe Stock Pg 6 Spring flower ar­range­ment: Sabina Ru­ber/gap Pho­tos


Pg 8 Woman hold­ing bunch of freshly cut flow­ers: GAP Pho­tos Pg 10 Spring flower wa­ter­colour: la_bal­aur/adobe Stock; Pasqueflower: valalolo/adobe Stock; Red­vein enkianthus (Enkianthus cam­pan­u­la­tus): Image­bro­ker/adobe Stock; Alpine rock gar­den: onepony/adobe Stock; Pg 11 Prunus blos­som over­hang­ing a lawn: Heather Ed­wards/ GAP Pho­tos Pg 12 Vase with cut flow­ers in­clud­ing cherry & ap­ple blos­soms: Friedrich Strauss/gap Pho­tos Pg 13 Girl in blos­som apri­cot gar­den: Annkot/adobe Stock; Pink Kwan­zan cherry tree: jen­nyrain­bow/adobe Stock; Wachau Aus­tria: Her­bert/adobe Stock; Flow­ers in glass bot­tles: ok­six/123rf Pg 14 Stone steps in a pond amidst irises: Chi­tra Tat­achar; Fri­t­il­laria me­lea­gris in the gar­den: Talya/adobe Stock; Blue­bells in a field: mar­i­lyn bar­bone/ Adobe Stock; Enamel bowl hang­ing from tree: Fred­erich Strauss/gap Pho­tos Pg 15 Paeony, Dou­ble Price & Wil­liam of Or­ange in a vase: GAP Pho­tos Pg 16 Flow­er­ing thyme planted be­tween paving slabs: Elke Borkowski/gap Pho­tos Pg 17 Chamomile flow­ers in field: sirins/adobe Stock; Woodruff: mar­i­lyn bar­bone/adobe Stock; Strad-gras­nelke (Arme­ria mar­itima): Aggi Sch­mid/adobe Stock; Flower Ajuga: ot­tochka/ Adobe Stock; Cam­pan­ule mu­ralis: hcast/adobe Stock Pg 19 Gar­den­ing tools next to fence: Robert Mabic/gap Pho­tos


Pg 20 Jug of sum­mer peren­ni­als: Robert Mabic/ GAP Pho­tos Pg 22 Rus­sian sage in gar­den: loflo/123rf; Bloom­ing foxgloves: Pic­ture Part­ners/ Adobe Stock; Musk & va­le­ri­ana in a glass vase: Friedrich Strauss/gap Pho­tos Pg 23 Lit­tle girl in dahlia field: Mn­stu­dio/adobe Stock Pg 24 Sally Tagg Pg 25 Sun­flow­ers: mironovm/adobe Stock; Corncockle flower: Pink Bad­ger/adobe Stock; Pink flow­ers closeup; F_s­tu­dio/adobe Stock; Nigella flower: mex99/adobe Stock; Stat­ice flower bou­quet: Nut­tika/adobe Stock Pg 26 Al­stroe­me­ria: Ta­tiana Belova/adobe Stock; Va­le­ri­ane des jardins: hcast/adobe Stock; Lilac Chi­nese meadow rue flow­ers: Ruki­me­dia/adobe Stock; Rosebed walk­way; Ttl­me­dia/adobe Stock; Florist flow­ers in buck­ets: An­ton­ina Vin­cent/adobe Stock; Pg 27 White hy­drangea: Si­mone Augustine/gap Pho­tos Pg 28 Pink Ori­en­tal poppy: besklubova/adobe Stock; Closeup of pur­ple & yel­low iris: eqroy/adobe Stock; Pink be­go­nia flow­er­ing: sir­in­tra/adobe Stock; Colour­ful Glad­i­oli: pix­elu­nikat/adobe Stock; Lil­ium flow­ers: De­bu55y/adobe Stock Pg 29 Flo­ral ar­range­ment in tin bucket: GAP Pho­tos Pg 30 Woman wa­ter­ing flow­ers: Syda Pro­duc­tions/adobe Stock


Pg 32 Golden sum­mer flow­ers in jug: Robert Mabic/gap Pho­tos Pg 34 Wa­ter­colour flow­ers back­ground: Karma/adobe Stock; Pink chrysan­the­mum closeup: di­nar12/adobe Stock; Pink anemone in bor­der: Natalia/adobe Stock; Chrysan­the­mums in vase: Maskarad/adobe Stock Pg 35 Blue bench with sum­mer bor­der: Richard Bloom/gap Pho­tos Pg 36 Red trail­ing lo­belia in wo­ven wil­low frame: GAP Pho­tos Pg 37 Cockscomb flow­ers: kray­out/adobe Stock; Cos­mos: Nalin/adobe Stock; Scabiosa: ari­na­habich/adobe Stock; Salvia splen­dens: MIMOHE/ADOBE Stock; Blue salvias: jay_a/ Adobe Stock Pg 38 Mex­i­can hat flow­ers: name­in­frame1/123rf; Goldenrod: Chris­tine Kuchem/adobe Stock; Co­re­op­sis: Ste­fan Kor­ber/adobe Stock; Echi­nacea: Pho­tosg/ Adobe Stock; He­le­nium: Di­et­zel/wiki­me­dia Com­mons Pg 39 Echi­nacea White Swan: Howard RICE/GAP Pho­tos Pg 40 Cy­cla­men grow­ing in wood: phil_bird/123rf; Colchicum au­tum­nale: gabrif­faldi/adobe Stock; Blue/white iris: dpreezg/adobe Stock; Glad­i­o­lus murielae: sky­moon13/adobe Stock Pg 41 Ner­ines dis­played in glass con­tain­ers: Juli­ette Wade/ GAP Pho­tos Pg 42 Woman col­lect­ing as­tran­tia seeds: GAP Pho­tos


Pg 44 Snowdrops in jug: Gra­ham Strong/gap Pho­tos Pg 46 Hand-drawn Auric­ula flow­ers: zen­ina/adobe Stock; Prim­ula mala­coides: Stu­dio Barcelona/adobe Stock; Prim­roses: rox­an­a­balint /123RF Stock Photo; Ice­landic pop­pies: chin­tung/123rf Stock Photo Pg 47 Flower bas­kets hang­ing on wall: Friedrich Strauss/gap Pho­tos Pg 48 Camel­lia trees with blos­som: tinas­dream­world/adobe Stock Pg 49 Flan­nel bush: Sally Tagg; Pink zieria: Sally Tagg; Hellebores in blue vase: Pernilla Bergdahl/gap Pho­tos; Win­ter ar­range­ment with proteas: Sally Tagg Pg 50 Aconite & snowdrops in bucket on snow: es­ben468635/adobe Stock; White ra­nun­cu­lus and scis­sors: ehau­ry­lik/adobe Stock; Anemones: moonrise/adobe Stock Pg 51 Ra­nun­cu­lus in metal bucket: ele­naros­tunova/ Adobe Stock Pg 52 Snowberry bush: Maria Br­zos­towska/adobe Stock; Cal­li­carpa ber­ries: Michele Pac­cione/adobe Stock; Bird­houses and nan­d­ina ber­ries: Heather Reeder/adobe Stock Pg 53 Pink snowberry wreath: GAP Pho­tos Pg 54 Plant­ing bas­ket with pan­sies: Ni­cola Stocken/gap Pho­tos


Pg 56 Hands with sweet peas: pho­tog­ra­phy­firm/ Adobe Stock Pg 58 Nachtvi­ole, Hes­peris ma­tronalis: emer/adobe Stock; Fra­grant tabak bloom in gar­den: Svet­lana Kork­ina/adobe Stock; Pink & white cut flow­ers: Erik Car­dona/adobe Stock Pg 59 Pink matthi­ola flow­ers: ag­neskan­taruk/adobe Stock Pg 60 Pink wis­te­ria bloom­ing in gar­den: Koziol Kamila/adobe Stock Pg 61 Car­na­tions in cup: Alusha/adobe Stock; Beau­ti­ful phlox flow­ers out­door: Re­mains/adobe Stock; Bou­quet of lilac clema­tis flow­ers in woman’s hand: malkovkosta/adobe Stock; Bou­quet of vi­o­let flow­ers & vin­tage let­ters: ag­neskan­taruk/adobe Stock Pg 62 Vibur­num burk­woodii: Martin Heaney/adobe Stock Pg 63 Lilac branches in a glass vase: yakovl­e­vadaria/ Adobe Stock Pg 64 Spring flower bunch: Sabina Ru­ber/gap Pho­tos Pg 65 Lily of the val­ley: ter­mis1983/adobe Stock; Blos­soms of amaryl­lis flower wild flow­ers: malkovkosta/adobe Stock; Yel­low cro­cus flower in bark pot dec­o­rated with moss: ag­neskan­taruk/adobe Stock; Woman ar­rang­ing flow­ers in a vase: Tetra/liv­ing4­me­dia Pg 66 Flow­ers & fo­liage of rose-scented Pe­largo­nium grave­olens: hhe­lene/adobe Stock; Plume­ria Hawai­ian: Vi­sions/gap Pho­tos Pg 67 Mil­to­nia orchid in in­te­rior: mar­lon­nekew/ Adobe Stock


Pg 68 Hand hold­ing bou­quet of flow­ers with tie: Raw­ Stock Pg 70 Protea and rose bou­quet be­ing given: Adobe Stock; Florist mak­ing a flower ar­range­ment: ig­or_kell/adobe Stock; Bridal bou­quet on ground: Adobe Stock Pg 71 Bride hold­ing wed­ding bou­quet: Lana Win­ter/adobe Stock Pg 72 Flo­ral ar­range­ment with car­na­tions & ra­nun­cu­lus flow­ers: ag­neskan­taruk/adobe Stock Pg 73 Bunch of pink ra­nun­cu­lus flow­ers in a vase on a vin­tage chair: anas­tasianess/adobe Stock; Var­i­ous fresh flow­ers in ar­range­ment in metal­lic vase on wooden ta­ble:raw­ Stock; Flow­ers in a white bucket: anas­tasiyaand/adobe Stock; Pink paeony flow­ers bou­quet in vase: dusk/adobe Stock Pg 74 Chair­back flo­ral dec­o­ra­tion: far­muty/adobe Stock; De­tails of a rus­tic wed­ding ta­ble: Adobe Stock; Flow­ers in a vase, wooden back­ground: april_89/adobe Stock Pg 75 Early sum­mer ta­ble dec­o­rated: Friedrich Strauss/gap Pho­tos Pg 76 Wed­ding wreath on the bride’s head: franz12/adobe Stock Pg 77 Blue and white bou­ton­niere in blue suit of groom: Kon­stantins Po­bilojs/adobe Stock; Bride hold­ing small bou­ton­niere: vin­cent20044/adobe Stock; Snowberry and Rose­mary Bou­ton­niere: holly/adobe Stock; Small flower bou­quet: mn­im­age/adobe Stock Pg 78 Paeony chan­de­lier: Fun­ny­howflow­ers­; Light bulb vase hang­ing: Vic­to­ria Firm­ston/gap Pho­tos; Dreamcatcher: Fun­ny­howflow­ers­ Pg 79 Flower & bead chan­de­lier Fun­ny­howflow­ers­


Pg 80 Wed­ding cou­ple with flower wreath: an­drii ko­bryn/adobe Stock Pg 81 Old il­lus­tra­tion of rose: Man­nag­gia/adobe Stock Pg 82 Vin­tage wa­ter­colour card with flow­ers: lisima/adobe Stock; A heart in a meadow: Ingo Bare­tussek/ Adobe Stock Pg 83 Woman pick­ing flow­ers: Han­neke Rei­jbroek/gap Pho­tos Pg 84 Wed­ding chairs & flower wall: He­tizia/adobe Stock Pg 85 Blue vi­o­lets in flower pots: ele­naros­tunova/adobe Stock; Flower bou­quet in stand: shcherban/adobe Stock; Flower ar­range­ment next to seat­ing at a wed­ding cer­e­mony: nito/adobe Stock; Flower ar­range­ment next to seat­ing at a wed­ding cer­e­mony: nito/adobe Stock; Wed­ding arch with fab­ric: Vidi Stu­dio/adobe Stock; Wed­ding cer­e­mony arch, al­tar dec­o­rated with flow­ers on the lawn: ro­man­noru/adobe Stock Pg 86 Spring flower wreath around ban­nis­ter: mel­nikofd/ Adobe Stock; Flower girl hold­ing a hy­drangea kiss­ing ball: Heather Wiss­man/adobe Stock; Flow­ers in a glass hang­ing from tree: Clau­dia Paulussen/adobe Stock; Flow­ers in jars on a lad­der: GAP Pho­tos Pg 87 Jack Rus­sell Ter­ri­ers pos­ing with flo­ral wreaths: Las­zlo/adobe Stock Pg 88 Rus­tic wed­ding ta­ble dec­o­ra­tion with flow­ers: Alexandra/adobe Stock; Pa­per box with bou­ton­niere: my­ronovy­chok­sana/adobe Stock; Wed­ding ta­ble set­ting: bus­sardel/adobe Stock; Dec­o­ra­tive flow­ers in vases on a ta­ble: Pavel Korotkov/adobe Stock Pg 89 Flower ar­range­ment on plates & jugs: Friedrich Strauss/ GAP Pho­tos Pg 90 A gar­den ta­ble with pink table­cloth & pink pa­per flower dec­o­ra­tions: Olaf Szcza­pa­niak/stock­food/photo New Zealand; Lemon­ade & flow­ers on ta­ble: Adobe Stock


Pg 92 Black­berry ice popsicles: /Adobe Stock Pg 94 Vec­tor of herbs: ele­namedvedeva/adobe Stock; Ed­i­ble flow­ers: xiquence/adobe Stock; Cakes on cake stand: sarsmis/adobe Stock Pg 95 Ed­i­ble flow­ers in glass jar: Juli­ette Wade/ GAP Pho­tos Pg 96 Fried cour­gette flow­ers: Great Stock!/stock­food/pho­tonewzealand; As­sorted ed­i­ble flow­ers: Dan Jones/stock­food/ Pho­tonewzealand; Baguette slices with gar­lic flow­ers: lbli­nova/adobe Stock Pg 97 Heir­loom tomato quinoa salad: Josh Griggs/stuff Pg 98 Home­made marsh­mal­lows: nblxer/adobe Stock; Rose­wa­ter & petals: ho­bit­n­jak/adobe Stock Pg 99 Honey & laven­der buds in pan: The Pic­ture Pantry/stock­food/pho­tonewzealand Pg 100 Ice cubes with flow­ers: Ria Osborne/ Stock­food/pho­tonewzealand; Elder­flower Popsicles: The Pic­ture Pantry/stock­food/ Pho­tonewzealand; Martini with ber­ries: lyulka­mazurkev/adobe Stock Pg 101 Passionfruit soda: Aaron Mclean/stuff Pg 102 Mauve & yel­low cup­cakes: sewcream/ Adobe Stock; Lay­ers of glasses with desert: Aaron Mclean/stuff Pg 103 Elder­flower cake: Mag­dalena Hendey/stock­food/ Pho­tonewzealand


Pg 104 Metal bucket with float­ing flow­ers: ag­neskan­taruk/adobe Stock Pg 105 Heather il­lus­tra­tion: bauhaus1000/is­tock­photo Pg 106 Writ­ing in flower note­book: Raw­ Stock; Dried flow­ers in note­book: Raw­ Adobe Stock; Hold­ing flower craft up to win­dow: Raw­ Stock Pg 107 Pa­per lan­tern: Vic­to­ria Firm­ston/gap Pho­tos Pg 108 Florist dec­o­rat­ing box: Africa Stu­dio/adobe Stock Pg 109 Christ­mas gifts & blank la­bel: nito/adobe Stock; Hands wrap­ping gift box: Raw­ Adobe Stock; 3d Pa­per flow­ers back­ground: Eca­te­rina/adobe Stock; Mother and child cre­at­ing pa­per flow­ers: ulza/adobe Stock Child stick­ing flow­ers to wall: ulza/adobe Stock Pg 110 Grapevine wreath with flow­ers: okk­jan2010/ Adobe Stock; Wreath of dried roses: Ivana/adobe Stock; Hoop wed­ding bou­quet: april_89/adobe Stock Pg 111 Ap­ple blos­som wreath: Friedrich Strauss/gap Pho­tos Pg 112 Bride with dried flow­ers bou­quet: the­man­whophoto/adobe Stock Pg 113 Hand­made pa­per with rose petals: fe­linda/ Adobe Stock; Mauve flow­ers in white con­tainer: Mak­sim She­beko/adobe Stock; Dried herb bou­quet with yel­low flow­ers: An­dril Zas­trozh­nov/ Adobe Stock; Pur­ple dried flow­ers on white back­ground: Ge­orge/adobe Stock; Blend of medic­i­nal flow­ers: An­na_ok/adobe Stock Pg 114 Enamel tub with flow­ers: ce­leste clochard/adobe Stock; Wil­low hang­ing bas­kets: Friedrich Strauss/ GAP Pho­tos; Hun­gar­ian ce­ramic flow­ers: lester120/adobe Stock; Mo­saic flower: Brad Pict/ Adobe Stock Pg 115 Colour­ful ab­stract panel on wall in a con­tem­po­rary gar­den: J.S. Sira/ Rease­heath Col­lege – De­sign/gap Pho­tos


Pg 116 Re­pot­ting in old clay pots: Ole­sia Sarycheva/adobe Stock Pg 117 Old Botan­i­cal il­lus­tra­tion: Man­nag­gia/adobe Stock Pg 118 English Coun­try Gar­den w clipped yew trees: an­drewm­roland/adobe Stock; A colour­ful meadow with corn­flow­ers and cos­mos: Harry/ Adobe Stock; Pa­tio with cir­cu­lar water fea­ture: Joanna Kos­sak/gap Pho­tos, de­signer Rae Wilkin­son, spon­sor Liv­ing Land­scapes; Fire­place in Gar­den: ju­lia700702/adobe Stock; Home gar­den with rocks: emer/adobe Stock; Con­tem­po­rary Gar­den: Good­mood Photo/ Adobe Stock Pg 119 Old gate with flow­ers grow­ing: Adobe Stock Pg 120 Per­son dig­ging gar­den: GAP Pho­tos Pg 121 Us­ing soil kit to test: Thomas Alamy/gap Pho­tos; Rolling clay soil in hands: 7monarda/adobe Stock; Adding fer­tiliser to soil: An­dreas Schulze/adobe Stock; Pink trowel in dirt: yotrak­butda/adobe Stock Pg 122 Over­grown gar­den around old fence: David/ Adobe Stock; Wa­ter­ing flow­ers: Ele­nathe­wise/ Adobe Stock; Woman plant­ing flow­ers: Pho­ Stock; Women plant­ing colour­ful flow­ers: David Prahl/adobe Stock Pg 123 Woman dead­head­ing flow­ers: Robert Mabic/gap Pho­tos Pg 124 Hang­ing wall, Adobe Stock Pg 125 Peren­nial flower con­tain­ers: Bar­bara Hel­ga­son/adobe Stock; Vi­o­let mal­low: Cora Muller/adobe Stock; View from bal­cony of lake: Vik­tor Gmyria/adobe Stock; Ver­ti­cal gar­den on ur­ban pa­tio: tatomm/adobe Stock; Pal­let gar­den: Ta­jana Balzer/adobe Stock Pg 126 Woman hold­ing dried seed pods: Richard Bloom/gap Pho­tos Pg 127 Shrub split­ting: Lianem/adobe Stock; Sun­flower seeds: Gary Smith/gap Pho­tos

End pages 130/131 White and or­ange bor­der: Christa Brand/gap Pho­tos

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