NZ Gardener - Garden Diary 2018 - - Planted & Sown This Month -

• Seeds to sow (in the north/frost- free ar­eas): basil, dwarf beans, beet­root, car­rots, cel­ery, Chi­nese cab­bages, co­rian­der, leeks, let­tuces, radishes and rocket.

• Seeds to sow (in the south/cold in­land ar­eas): beet­root, bok choy, car­rots, co­rian­der, kohlrabi, leeks, peas, radishes, sil­ver­beet, spring onions, swedes and turnips.

• Pun­nets/seedlings to plant (north): basil, cherry toma­toes (if still avail­able), let­tuces, rhubarb, sil­ver­beet and spuds.

• Pun­nets/seedlings to plant (south): broc­coli, Brus­sels sprouts, cab­bages, cauliflow­ers, cel­ery, leeks, let­tuces, sil­ver­beet and spinach.

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