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Pumpkins are one of the thirsti­est sum­mer crops and need plenty of wa­ter as well as nutri­ents to en­sure the fruit reaches a de­cent size. Wa­ter plants daily and feed with liq­uid fer­tiliser once a week. Di­rect your hose to­ward the orig­i­nal plant­ing hole rather than wet­ting the en­tire plant – this will help the wa­ter reach the roots where it’s needed most. A ni­tro­gen-rich fer­tiliser is ideal early in the grow­ing sea­son. Once flow­ers ap­pear, switch to a phos­pho­rus-rich fer­tiliser for pro­lific flow­ers. When the pumpkins ap­pear, use a potas­sium-rich fer­tiliser for healthy fruit.

De­flect snails

Are slugs or snails de­vour­ing your veges? Place a pile of com­frey leaves on your vege gar­den as a de­coy. Moisten the com­frey and after a cou­ple of days the slugs and snails will be­gin to feast on the com­frey in­stead of your veges. When num­bers have built up, re­move com­frey and gas­tropods, then lay down a fresh pile.

Don’t waste wa­ter

A drib­bling hose at­tach­ment wastes an alarm­ing amount of wa­ter, but a new washer of­ten fixes the prob­lem eas­ily. Pack­ets of wash­ers can be found along­side the hose fit­tings at gar­den cen­tres and hard­ware stores. Slip off the old washer and re­place with a new one of the cor­rect size.

It’s the full moon again, so take a break and re­lax. Gar­den­ing by the moon Ap­ply­ing warmed liq­uid fer­tiliser. First Quar­ter

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