NZ Gardener - Garden Diary 2018 - - Harvest Time -

Bi­en­nial veg­eta­bles and flow­ers that have fin­ished their dis­plays and are pre­sent­ing dried seeds can be har­vested now. Parsnips, car­rots, cel­ery, car­away, alexan­ders, Queen Anne’s lace (pic­tured) and peren­ni­als such as lo­vage and fen­nel all have an um­brella-shaped flower struc­ture that makes col­lect­ing seeds easy. On a dry day, pick the seeds into a bowl and bring in­side to dry on a sheet of pa­per. When com­pletely dry, store in la­belled jars and keep some­where cool, dry and dark.

Har­vest rain­wa­ter

Many peo­ple are re­sis­tant to rain har­vest­ing due to the per­ceived cost of in­stal­la­tion or con­cern there isn’t enough space in their gar­den for a tank. How­ever, there is a vast ar­ray of rain­wa­ter tanks and butts avail­able, some slim enough to fit into nar­row side gar­dens or un­der the house or deck. Smaller

rain­wa­ter butts (200L) can be con­nected eas­ily to a down­pipe, no plumber needed. Larger tanks will re­quire more fit­tings and pipes, as well as a plumber to in­stall them. If the tank is large enough (1000-3000L), and plumbed to the toi­let and laun­dry, it could meet 50 per cent of your house­hold wa­ter needs.

Growth is slow and vi­tal­ity low. Weed and wa­ter and wait pa­tiently for the chance to sow. Sow turnips and other root crops. Full Moon 02:27 AM It’s a full moon start for Fe­bru­ary and con­di­tions are un­suit­able for sow­ing and plant­ing. Gather your...

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