NZ Gardener - Garden Diary 2018 - - Ideal For Cold -

When leaves start fall­ing, col­lect them and turn this free re­source into leaf mould. This can be used as an or­ganic mulch, in­cor­po­rated into your com­post bin, dug into gar­den beds, used to im­prove the com­po­si­tion of heavy soils or added in small amounts to bar­rels of home­made liq­uid fer­tiliser. Leaves are an ex­cel­lent source of car­bon. Rake up as many as you can, pile them into rows, then run them over with your lawn mower to help it break down. Pile the leaves into a home­made leaf cage, cover with car­pet or cor­ru­gated iron to keep off the worst of the rain and leave them to break down, turn­ing over ev­ery month or so. You can leave them without turn­ing, but they will take longer to break down.

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