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Plant an olive tree to pickle or press for oil. No room for a tra­di­tional Mediter­ranean grove of olives? Choose a self-fer­tile va­ri­ety. In a larger gar­den try vig­or­ous ’Fran­toio’ for pick­ling, or for a com­pact, shrubby tree in a small gar­den or large pot, ‘Koroneiki’ yields high-qual­ity oil. ‘Koroneiki’ has small fruit but plenty of them. Olives grow well in many parts of New Zealand but they don’t like wet win­ter soil. Plant in full sun in a warm, shel­tered spot with well-drained soil that isn’t overly fer­tile.

Try Bokashi com­post­ing

Small gar­den? Not enough ma­te­rial to make reg­u­lar com­post? Then Bokashi bucket com­post­ing could be for you. This anaer­o­bic process turns food scraps into use­ful liq­uid fer­tiliser and the re­sult­ing fer­mented ma­te­rial can then be dug back into the soil to break down. The sys­tem re­lies on

in­oc­u­lated bran to fer­ment the kitchen waste. An ad­van­tage is that you can add items such as cit­rus, meat, fish, dairy and left­over food that couldn’t nor­mally be com­posted or put in worm farms. The liq­uid, which col­lects in the lower cham­ber of the fer­menter, is eas­ily drawn out via a spigot, or tap.

Gar­den­ing by the moon It’s the full moon phase, so lit­tle can be done. Cul­ti­vate only. Full moon 1.37am Plant root crops, such as onions. Cul­ti­vate and weed only.

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