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Sliced or grated beet­root is easy to pre­serve and keeps well. Boil un­peeled beets till ten­der, then rub off their skins un­der the cold tap (use gloves if you’re wor­ried about stain­ing your hands red; and an apron to pro­tect your clothes). Slice or grate into ster­ilised jars. Bring 1 cup wa­ter, 2 cups malt vine­gar, 1 tea­spoon salt and 1 cup brown sugar to the boil. Top up jars and seal. Re­duce the sugar if you don't like your beets too sweet. Add cloves, cin­na­mon sticks and pick­ling spices if de­sired.

Freeze your ap­ples

Got an ex­cess of ap­ples? Try this pre­serv­ing tip rec­om­mended by Get Grow­ing reader Steve Hedges of Oa­maru. ”We have a ‘Peas­good Non­such’ ap­ple tree and I would rec­om­mend them. My wife slices the large ap­ples and freezes them. The small ap­ples are peeled and cored and frozen whole. They make a

de­li­cious pud­ding by roast­ing them with sul­tanas and a syrup. The fruit stays white in the freezer and we make a pud­ding with a sponge top or crum­ble. They also taste nice with rhubarb. We gave away lots of fruit this year to our friends.” ‘Peas­good Non­such‘ is a her­itage va­ri­ety and a highly re­garded culi­nary ap­ple.

Last quar­ter Gar­den­ing by the moon Sow an­other round of root crops, such as radishes and turnips. En­ergy is ris­ing so start pre­par­ing for the fer­tile next pe­riod. Cul­ti­vate soil. Ap­ply com­post. Wa­ter dry ar­eas.

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