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Peas are frost-hardy plants but the flow­ers are not. Frost-dam­aged blos­soms can af­fect your crop, so plant your peas to avoid flow­er­ing dur­ing frosty pe­ri­ods. De­pend­ing on the va­ri­ety and tem­per­a­ture, peas can take be­tween seven and 11 weeks to flower. In warm and shel­tered ar­eas, peas can be sown now through July. In very cold ar­eas, you may wish to wait till Au­gust. Seeds ger­mi­nate in soil tem­per­a­tures as low as 4°C and grow well in air tem­per­a­tures be­tween 10 and 16°C. You can ex­tend the sea­son, of course, by grow­ing in green­houses or tun­nel houses. Peas re­quire full sun and fer­tile, well-drained soil for max­i­mum yield. Dig in plenty of or­ganic mat­ter be­fore plant­ing. A hand­ful of su­per­phos­phate is ben­e­fi­cial as well.

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