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This AP­PLE PASTE, from Cui­sine mag­a­zine, is per­fect for a cheese board. INGREDIENTS • 1.5kg ‘Granny Smith’ ap­ples • juice of 1 lemon • 400-500g white sugar METHOD Coarsely chop ap­ples, in­clud­ing skin and cores, place in a pan, add enough wa­ter to just cover; sim­mer gen­tly un­til soft (20 min­utes). Drain then push through a sieve to form a purée. Weigh purée then trans­fer to a clean pan, along with lemon juice and half the weight in sugar. Cook on low heat for 1½-2 hours or un­til mix is thick and smooth, and start­ing to come away from sides. Trans­fer to a 22cm x 12cm tin; cool and let set. Paste can be turned out, wrapped in bak­ing pa­per and stored in air­tight con­tain­ers.

Try CARAMELISED AP­PLE AND RICE PUD­DING, from Cui­sine. INGREDIENTS RICE PUD­DING • ¼ cup raw sugar • 2 egg yolks • 1L full-cream milk • ½ cup short or medium-grain rice • 1 vanilla pod, split length­wise • pinch of salt • but­ter for greas­ing METHOD Whisk to­gether the sugar and egg yolks then whisk in the milk. Stir in the rice, vanilla bean and salt. Pre­heat the oven to 150°C. Lightly but­ter a 1.5L dish. Pour in the rice mix­ture and stir to dis­trib­ute evenly. Bake for 1 hour then give it a stir. Bake for an­other 30 min­utes then re­move the vanilla bean and dis­card, and give the pud­ding an­other stir. Bake a fur­ther 30 min­utes undis­turbed. Serve with the caramelised ap­ples. INGREDIENTS CARAMELISED AP­PLES • 3-4 firm ap­ples, peeled, cored and cut into 1cm wedges • 1 ta­ble­spoon lemon juice • ¼ cup raw sugar • 1 ta­ble­spoon golden syrup • 30g but­ter METHOD Toss the ap­ples with the lemon juice and set aside. Heat sugar and golden syrup with 1 ta­ble­spoon of wa­ter in a fry­ing pan over a medium heat, stir­ring un­til the sugar has dis­solved and the mix­ture is bub­bling. Let bub­ble, without stir­ring, for 1 minute then raise the heat to hot. Add the ap­ples and but­ter, and stir to coat. Cook a fur­ther 8-10 min­utes, stir­ring.

Sand­wich ap­ple be­tween two lay­ers of dough for these AP­PLE SCONES. INGREDIENTS • 2-3 ap­ples • 125g but­ter • ½ cup sugar • 1 egg • 2 cups flour • ½ tea­spoon bak­ing soda • 1 tea­spoon cream of tar­tar • pinch salt • milk METHOD Peel, core and slice ap­ples. Place in a pot with just enough wa­ter to stop them stick­ing. Sim­mer over a medium heat un­til ten­der. Mean­while, make scone dough. Cream but­ter and sugar, add egg, mix well. Add dry ingredients and enough milk to form a firm dough. Di­vide into two lay­ers; roll out. Spread ap­ple on top of one layer, then press the next layer on top. Cut into scones, place on floured tray and bake at 200°C for 20 min­utes.

Try Anna Dun­woodie’s FRUITY AP­PLE MUFFINS for an af­ter­noon treat. INGREDIENTS • 2 cups flour • 4 tea­spoon bak­ing pow­der • ½ tea­spoon salt • ½ cup caster sugar • 100g but­ter • 1 cup milk • 1 egg • 1-1½ cups stewed ap­ple • 1 ta­ble­spoon sugar • 1 tea­spoon ground cin­na­mon METHOD Pre­heat oven to 220°C. Sift flour, bak­ing pow­der and salt into a large bowl. Mix in caster sugar. In an­other bowl, add melted but­ter, milk and egg and beat to com­bine. Fold into dry ingredients with the stewed fruit. Take care not to over mix – the bat­ter won’t be smooth. Pour into muf­fin tins, sprin­kle with cin­na­mon and sugar and bake for 15-20 min­utes.

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