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To start sprout­ing, all you need is a jar with a mesh lid, and un­treated seed. To be­gin, pour a lit­tle seed (from gar­den cen­tres or on­line) into the jar and cover with wa­ter. Set aside to soak for a few hours (or overnight for large seeds like lentils and chick­peas). Drain off wa­ter, then rinse with more cold wa­ter and drain again. Leave the jar in a warm spot to start the ger­mi­na­tion process. Rinse and drain daily and in no time you'll have sprouts to eat. Re­move sprouts from the jar and keep in an air­tight con­tainer in the veg­etable bin of your fridge. The less air they’re ex­posed to, the bet­ter they’ll keep. What can you sprout? Try mung beans – they’re ready to eat in less than a week, even dur­ing win­ter; Stir-fry Combo from Kings Seeds – a blend of chick­peas, lentils, peas, adzuki and mung beans; lentils – de­li­cious nutty taste, high in fi­bre and very fast to sprout; or Tasty Tonic blend from Kings Seeds – a mix of al­falfa, broc­coli raab, chia, cress and kohlrabi; and broc­coli, cab­bage, radish, chick­pea, and red clover.

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