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Codling moths hi­ber­nate in lar­vae form over win­ter, in­side a co­coon in the crevices of bark or be­neath the tree, then emerge as moths in mid to late spring to lay eggs in the small fruitlets of pip fruit. Thwart them by scat­ter­ing neem gran­ules around the base of the tree to the dripline from now un­til Novem­ber or De­cem­ber. Spraying with neem oil or Yates Suc­cess Ul­tra In­sect Con­trol (which is es­pe­cially ef­fec­tive with codling moths) when moth ac­tiv­ity is high can help to pre­vent fruit be­ing ru­ined. Use a trap to mon­i­tor the moths so you can time the spray right.

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