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It doesn’t mat­ter what type you favour, just make sure you’ve sown enough to pro­vide a con­stant sum­mer sup­ply. Climb­ing ‘Scar­let Run­ner’ beans are true peren­ni­als, which means they come back year after year. If you pre­fer French green beans, sow an­nual ‘Blue Lake Run­ner’ now, or dwarf beans such as ‘Top Crop’ (sow dwarf beans ev­ery six weeks). Sow beans di­rect, in full sun, spac­ing 20-30cm apart. Keep well wa­tered once they pod up; fast-grow­ing beans are the most ten­der.

Plant catch crops

Cleome spinosa is one of the best plants for lur­ing green shield beetles, aka green vege bugs or stink bugs, away from your beans, toma­toes and sweet­corn. Plant them in your vege patch or in a nearby bor­der to keep them con­tained. Then pick off the bugs and dis­pose of them – or feed them to your chooks. The best

time to col­lect the bugs is first thing in the morn­ing when they are slug­gish. As cold-blooded in­sects, they need the heat of the sun in or­der to warm up enough to move quickly. Knock them into a jar or bucket of soapy wa­ter or stomp on them when they land on the ground. Wear shoes though – they are pretty stinky!

Sow root crops, like beet­root, car­rots, radishes and turnips. The month starts in the mid­dle of the Last Quar­ter phase. Vi­tal­ity is low and there’s lit­tle to do, bar gar­den odd-jobs.. Gar­den­ing by the moon Last quar­ter Cul­ti­vate your soil and add...

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