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Early blue­ber­ries and lo­quats will kick off the fruit pick­ing sea­son. In most re­gions, ‘Marimba’ and ‘Nui’ blue­ber­ries and ‘Wiki Gold’ or ‘Mogi’ lo­quats will be ready now. If you want fruit next Novem­ber, plant now (South­land blue­berry lovers can still grow them in pots or a green­house to pro­tect the early spring flow­ers from frosts). When plant­ing acid-lov­ing blue­ber­ries, add soaked peat to your soil or con­tainer mix to lower the ph. Lo­quats are fairly hardy and not fussed about soil, but they like good drainage. Prune after har­vest­ing to keep trees to a man­age­able height so you can reach the fruit.

Potas­sium for toms

As soon as tomato plants start to pro­duce flow­ers, they need less ni­tro­gen (for leaf growth) and more potas­sium for fruit set. Potas­sium is also re­quired for pig­ment syn­the­sis, no­tably ly­copene, a pow­er­ful an­tiox­i­dant with a long list of health ben­e­fits.

Feed fort­nightly with a liq­uid tomato food (it’s high in potas­sium) or sprin­kle with a slow-re­lease tomato fer­tiliser and wa­ter it in well. You can use the same fer­tiliser for all sum­mer-fruit­ing veges, from cucumbers to egg­plants.

First quar­ter Gar­den­ing by the moon Feed plants with gen­er­ous but di­lute doses of liq­uid fer­tiliser. Cul­ti­vate only. Full moon 06:41 PM

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