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While there may be some plants that thrive without any added fer­tiliser, rhubarb isn’t one of them. It will take ev­ery­thing you can give – sheep pel­lets, fer­tiliser, worm tea, com­post and aged ma­nure. Rhubarb is a long-term food crop and will pro­vide stalks for many years once it gets es­tab­lished. Look after it well in the first cou­ple of years to en­sure the crowns are strong enough to al­low for plen­ti­ful pick­ing. Keep the crowns mulched in sum­mer (but not cov­er­ing them com­pletely in or­der to avoid rot). To har­vest stems, gen­tly pull and twist the outer stalks rather than cut­ting or snap­ping them off, which can lead to fun­gal prob­lems. Rhubarb gets red­der when the weather’s cooler, so don’t panic if the stalks are more green than red. Taste is un­af­fected.

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