NZ Gardener - Garden Diary 2018 - - Garden Tasks This Week -

In­spect new growth of fruit trees, onions and gar­lic for aphids. Aphids are vi­vip­a­rous, which means fe­males lay live ba­bies not eggs – and the ba­bies be­gin re­pro­duc­ing in a week! These sap suck­ers weaken the host plant, trans­mit viruses, and sooty mould grows on the hon­ey­dew they se­crete. For small clus­ters, squash them with your fin­gers. Soapy dish-wash­ing wa­ter splashed over onions and gar­lic works well. Or­ganic sprays in­clude Grosafe En­spray 99 Spraying Oil, Or­ganic In­sect Con­trol from Ki­wicare and Na­ture’s Way Pyrethrum from Yates.

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