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1. Tear your scrap pa­per into small pieces the size of a postage stamp. Tear enough to fill six cups, then place in a bucket or tub and soak overnight.

2. Make the mould (a frame with a screen). Cut two pieces of an­gled pine mould­ing at 360mm and two pieces at 270mm. (You can make your mould as big or small as you like.) Mitre the corners at a 45° an­gle. Ap­ply wood glue to the cut ends, form a frame, then sta­ple to­gether. 3. Cut wire mesh to fit onto the frame and sta­ple on the bot­tom. Cut out a piece of fi­bre­glass mesh 350mm x 260mm. 4. Make the deckle (a frame with­out a screen). Cut two pieces of 18mm x 18mm pine at 345mm and two at 255mm. Mitre corners. Sta­ple to­gether to form frame.

5. Place two hand­fuls of soaked pa­per in an old food pro­ces­sor. Add some wa­ter and whiz to a pulp. Tip into a tub then re­peat with the re­main­ing pa­per.

6. Fill tub with wa­ter, add petals or leaves if de­sired, stir the pulp, then dip your mould and deckle in the wa­ter (like you’re scoop­ing). Lift flat and al­low to drain.

7. Re­move deckle. Pick up the mesh and slowly flip over while low­er­ing it onto felt, with pa­per side fac­ing away from you. Sponge off wa­ter. Re­move mesh. Let dry.


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