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So­lar dye­ing is so easy even the kids can do it. To pre­pare, wrap wool around the back of a chair. Tie with white string in a cou­ple of places. Add mor­dant (for wool, ¼ tea­spoon alum and 1/8 tea­spoon cream of tar­tar) to a 1-litre jar and half fill the jar with luke­warm wa­ter. Stir to dis­solve mor­dant. Add wool and plants (we’ve used lady’s man­tle) to within 2cm of the top. Cover with wa­ter. Stir, put on lid, and place jar in a sunny spot. Leave for 10 days. Stir once a day. After 10 days, re­move yarn, rinse in luke­warm wa­ter, then dry.

Armed with a tub, plant ma­te­ri­als and in­gre­di­ents from your pantry, you can turn plain fab­rics into vi­brant su­per­stars.

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