FROM TRASH TO TREA­SURE to gar­den stor­age

Up­cy­cle, re­cy­cle, re­pur­pose… what­ever you call it, turn­ing old house­hold items into clever stor­age so­lu­tions for your gar­den and pot­ting shed can be easy and in­ex­pen­sive.

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When de­sign­ing a gar­den it is easy to get swept away with the things we want and to for­get about the things that we need. Ev­ery gar­den will need a place to do jobs such as pot­ting and some­where to keep your gar­den tools. Stor­ing tools isn’t just im­por­tant to pre­vent clut­ter and trip­ping haz­ards, it also ex­tends the life of your gar­den equip­ment. And there are many tools that need a home: large tools (broom, hoe, spade, shovel, rake); small tools (fork, se­ca­teurs, trowel); gloves; seeds; bulbs, rhi­zomes and tu­bers; seed-sow­ing and pot­ting-up equip­ment; fer­tiliser; sprays and spray equip­ment; wa­ter­ing equip­ment; pots and bench space to work upon.

Think out­side of the square and in­te­grate stor­age into your gar­den util­is­ing old house­hold items. An old cup­board or kitchen cabi­net is ideal for stor­ing fer­tilis­ers, pot­ting mix and gar­den tools. Old draw­ers are use­ful for stor­ing la­bels and smaller items, and an old bar­be­cue frame makes an ex­cel­lent pot­ting-up bench – and if the wheels are still at­tached it is easy to move around the gar­den!

Make sure you treat the tim­ber ap­pro­pri­ately so it will en­dure the weather. Some old house paint will do the trick.

Clean and dry your tools after use be­fore putting away. This not only helps pre­vent cer­tain in­fec­tions spread­ing through soil or sap, it also means your stor­age area will be dry and well or­gan­ised.

Make sure that tall tools such as spades and rakes are se­cure. If you leave them lean­ing against the wall of a cup­board they can fall and cause an in­jury when you open the door. Cut 10-15cm pieces of old plas­tic pipes and fix them to a wall. Slot the top of your tool han­dle inside to keep your tall tools in or­der. You may need a board at the base to stop them slip­ping through.

An­other quick stor­age so­lu­tion?

A stack of old tyres makes the per­fect rest­ing place for hard­work­ing tools at the end of a day's work.

Don’t po­si­tion your stor­age too far from your main gar­den as the more con­ve­nient it is to put your tools away the less likely you will leave them lean­ing against the fence post when a day’s work is done or a shower threat­ens.

In an ideal world, a ser­vice area is best paved or at least grav­elled. Bark mulch is an­other op­tion that is soft un­der­foot and easy both to main­tain and to in­stall.

A gar­den shed might start to be a lux­ury as sec­tions shrink so you may need to think out­side of the square and in­te­grate stor­age into your gar­den de­sign. Old cup­boards, cab­i­nets and crates are great so­lu­tions.

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