Whip up a nifty wooden caddy to store your hand tools, stow your seeds or dou­ble as a gift box for pot­ted herbs and veges.

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MA­TE­RI­ALS: • Small nails or tacks • 2 screws and 29cm x 3cm thick round dow­elling (for the han­dle) • Dressed 10mm pine (2.5m long x 135mm wide) cut into: • 2 x 295mm (for caddy sides) • 4 x 180mm (for ends and base)• 1 x 275mm long x 125mm high (for cen­tral di­vider)

• 2 x 85mm wide x 125mm high (for the short di­viders)• 2 x 200mm x 50mm wide han­dle up­rights


1. Saw the dressed pine tim­ber into the lengths de­scribed.

2. To make the base of the caddy, you’ll need two pieces side by side (as shown).

3. The di­viders are 10mm shorter (the thick­ness of the tim­ber) than the sides.

4. Use a small clamp to hold the lengths of tim­ber in place for nail­ing. 5. Use fine grade sand­pa­per to smooth any rough edges or corners. 6. Use a jig­saw to cut round ends on the han­dle up­rights. Sand smooth. 7. Nail or screw the dow­elling han­dle to the box and you’re done. 8. Dec­o­rate your caddy. We used Re­sene ‘Clover’ and ad­he­sive plas­tic snowflakes.

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