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Read­ing the let­ter from Josephine Black­bourn (May 2018) about the TLC she gives her tamar­illo trees made me think about all the things we do to get the best from our fruit and veges.

We too go to great lengths to get our tamar­illo fruit to our ta­ble, in­clud­ing pro­tect­ing them from frosts, strong winds and rosel­las (well worth it be­cause you just can’t get that taste when it comes from the su­per­mar­ket). Not to men­tion spend­ing hun­dreds of dol­lars on frost cloth and bird net­ting to pro­tect our cherry and ap­ple trees while still leav­ing a cou­ple of trees with­out net­ting for the bell­birds and tūī to en­joy when their food is get­ting scarce. The bird net­ting is also used, along with chicken wire, to stop the birds and rats from eat­ing the rasp­ber­ries when they are in sea­son. And I could go on…

But ul­ti­mately, the lengths we go to are out­weighed by the fresh­ness and taste of home­grown fruit and veges. You know that it is all worth the ef­fort when serv­ing home­made rasp­berry jam to your fouryear-old grand­daugh­ter who says, “Grandma, I didn’t know rasp­berry jam came from the gar­den.” Jill McFarlane, DUNEDIN

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