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Can any­one beat our mon­ster ap­ple? Our dwarf tree, only about 1.5m tall, has one ap­ple that’s 50cm in di­am­e­ter. There were 30-40 other nor­mal-sized apples this year, most of which we’ve picked al­ready. Last year, there was another big ap­ple in the same place but not as big as this one. We don’t know what va­ri­ety this ap­ple is. It was a grafted seedling that was given to us be­cause it couldn’t be sold by the nurs­ery as the tree had lost its la­bel.

The apples taste a bit tart like a ‘Granny Smith’ but are red. They’re nice eat­ing apples which cook well too as the slices keep their shape and don’t go to mush. We don’t do any­thing spe­cial to feed or care for the tree.

We try grow­ing all sorts of fruit and veg­eta­bles. If they do well, they stay and if they don’t, they’re out. Roy & Pauline Suther­land, LEVIN

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