Plant strawberries.

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Look ahead to sum­mer berry crops.

Bun­dles of straw­berry plants should be in the gar­den cen­tre now (or soon) and that’s usu­ally the cheap­est way to get a few plants at once to es­tab­lish a new straw­berry patch. Plant them now and they should be flow­er­ing at the start of spring, and fruit­ing six to eight weeks later. Give strawberries full sun and freedrain­ing soil – in wet soils the crowns can rot out, plus it makes the de­vel­op­ing fruit more prone to botry­tis and mould.

If you need to prune citrus, do it now.

In warmer weather, fe­male lemon tree borer ( Oe­mona hirta) will sniff out the sap of any re­cently cut citrus from miles away as she looks for some­where to lay her eggs. The lar­vae then tun­nel into the branches and cause un­told dam­age – a bad in­fes­ta­tion can de­stroy a whole tree. Citrus shouldn’t need a lot of prun­ing, but if you want to cut branches for shape, or to make har­vest eas­ier, only ever do so in win­ter. Jo McCar­roll

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